Venue 7 – 73 Brampton Way – BS20 6YT

73 Brampton Way

BS20 6YT

Access Four separate steps en route.

Hazel Gill

Hazel Gill 4

A colourful mix of paintings of mainly local subjects.

For Hazel, painting is an itch that has to be scratched!, She has been showing and selling her work for many years, through art shows and exhibitions. She has developed two distinct styles, one is a cartoon like , the other using only three colours. Many different subjects inspire her, from local views to purely imagination.

Steve Gill

Steve Gill 2

Photography and paintings with a difference

Steve has been an avid photographer for many years, seeing the world through a different lens!. He has recently developed his own unique style of painting, which could be compared to Fauvism, a radical new way of painting at the start of the twentieth century. Which features strong colours in an impressionistic style. The paintings cover many diverse subjects.

Ingrid Slatter

Ingrid Slatter 1

Locally inspired watercolours and cards.

Having painted for quite a few years I have been involved in many exhibitions both joint and solo. At present I am working mainly in watercolour but also experimenting with gouache and watermixable oil paints. Inspiration is all around me, from Marina views, local buildings, seascapes and landscapes.