Venue 11 – Gardner Road – BS20 7ER

6 Gardner Road

BS20 7ER

Access 12 steps.

Hilary Kington42-kington-1

Woodcuts & Watercolours of Saltmarshes & Wildlife

Shadows stretch over the ebbing and flowing tides of the Severn Sea. Light catches on the feathers of the shoreline birds and salty waves buffet the flora on the salt marshes. These places are unique and I love them. So the challenge is to capture their essence in sketches, watercolours and woodcuts. This is a challenge that I love and I trust you will enjoy following my progress. My hope is to share this love of salt marshes with others, as these wild areas and its wild life need our protection.I show work both locally in arts trails as well as in national exhibitions, so this keeps me busy. Sometimes I use my chosen mediums in unconventional ways as I am self-taught. Learning new techniques, learning more about the subjects I paint keeps me excited.